Works on Gender and Identity is an exhibition series of contemporary art.

It understands itself as a practice of curatorial activism, committed to positions that challenge the master narratives that shape the art system. By questioning dominant accounts on the notion of creativity, the project not only relativizes asymmetrical binaries and disseminates critical knowledge. It also offers a curatorial corrective to omissions, misrepresentations, and hegemonic appropriations perpetuated in the history and current practice of the art system. The project develops along three thematic concerns:

Assuming gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and identity as relational constructs which themselves constitute a central issue in contemporary art, the project seeks to provide a formal space for the production of meaning and unfiltered visibility for artists dealing with these concerns. Programmatically, it eludes the stabilization of their plurality into a regulative category. On the contrary, the project understands itself as a way of destabilizing institutional discourse orders implicitly founded on normality. But as much as the project maintains an openness for constantly changing specifics, it also proceeds from the necessity of self-determination. It explores perspectives while questioning the heteronormative, white male-dominated expectation system.